Biocrust 5, The Fifth International Workshop on Biological Soil Crusts

Systems​ within Systems​ Fifth International Workshop on Biological Soil Crusts
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The Fifth International Workshop on Biological Soil Crusts, or BIOCRUST 5 will take place in Chihuahua City, Mexico  April 8-12, 2024.

COVID-19 has caused a long, yet necessary gap between Biocrust 4 held in Australia in 2019 and Biocrust 5, whose location was selected by the attendees at Biocrust 4. Mexico is home to a wide variety of biocrust habitats, principally in the highly diverse dryland biome systems, which cover close to 60% of the land area.

Biocrust 5 invites the global biocrust community and is very much interested in inviting our Latin American biocrust colleagues from strong and emerging research communities in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and elsewhere). South America has recently filled a notable data gap in biocrust research, we want to learn from this important usually underrepresented group of biocrust scientists.

This meeting will bring together international scientists at different career stages, practitioners, artists, and local community members, all interested in biological soil crusts, or biocrusts, to exchange new science and ideas; to discuss emerging questions, theories, concepts, and methods; and to inspire through biocrust art. This meeting will provide a diverse space to facilitate interaction, learning, and networking among the growing international community of stakeholders working with and caring about biocrusts.

BIOCRUST5 has the overarching theme “Biocrusts – systems within systems”; it includes invited plenary talks, ignite talks, symposia, oral presentations, poster sessions, field trips, and social/cultural events, a Biocrust and Art competition and plenty of time interact.

Necesidades que resuelve

Biocrusts link nature and people / socio-ecological systems
Structure and function in ecosystems Interaction with vascular plants and other organisms
Diversity, ecology, and biogeography Taxonomy and physiology of biocrust constituents
Effects of global environmental change
Disturbance and restoration
Landscape function and management
Assessment tools: monitoring, mapping, etc.
Biocrust and art Ecosystem services and Sustainable
Development Goals Biocrust and Teaching / outreach

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