Nano for Girls, Boys and Young People: Development of Educational Materials for Teaching Nanotechnology

Nano para niñ@s

The Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Project for Girls, Boys and Youth, led by the Advanced Materials Division of IPICYT, has developed a complete ecosystem of educational tools in the areas of nanosciences and nanotechnology. This ecosystem includes manuals for children and instructors, a mobile/tablet application, a laboratory practice kit, a website and content on various platforms, as well as augmented and virtual reality experiences. The main objective is to teach concepts, ideas and techniques related to advanced materials. The project is currently in a pilot phase, which encompasses the design and construction of teaching materials, content development, and implementation and field testing of laboratory practices. By aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals, the World Citizen Model, the Circular Economy and the Manifesto 2030, the project seeks to generate a holistic impact on the development of new generations and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future. It also offers socially responsible companies the opportunity to participate in this education and sustainable development initiative.