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IPICYT - CONAHCYT public research center

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Dr. Luis Antonio Salazar Olivo

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Public Research Center-CONAHCYT

We are part of the 26 Public Research Centers coordinated by CONAHCYT.

Multidisciplinary Research Center

We integrate natural and exact sciences to provide multidisciplinary scientific and technological solutions.

Postgraduate degrees within the National Postgraduate System of CONAHCYT

We have trained nearly 1000 scientists who graduated from master's and doctoral programs

We have the services of 3 national laboratories

We have 3 national laboratories with large capacities that offer services to different communities.

Technology Transfer Office (OTT)

This office aims to bring the achievements of scientific and technological capabilities closer to all socioeconomic sectors, in order to generate a positive impact on society.


Our facilities have been built with the purpose of attending to academic activities, through postgraduate courses and courses, the development of relevant research for scientific dissemination and meeting the requirements of society.

Geographic Location

Located in the state of San Luis Potosí in Mexico, an entity that is part of the Bajío region of the country, a region that is considered one of the most developed in LATAM.

Researchers with national and international training

We have 83 researchers, 30 academic technicians and more than 50 postdoctoral students. Our researchers have been trained at large universities

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Researchers solving needs

Some institutions with which we collaborate

Dozens of institutions have joined us as their strategic ally in science and technology.

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