Hydrogeological Projects: Identification of Areas for Well Drilling.

Hydrogeological studies aim to identify optimal areas for water well drilling. Through a combination of geophysical techniques and geological analysis, the most suitable location for sustainable groundwater extraction will be determined. The study will focus on assessing the availability, quality and productivity of groundwater in the areas studied.

Sensors for the Detection and Control of Specific Substances for Broad Spectrum Applications: Security, Bio-medical, Agriculture, Quality Control, Water Quality, etc.

The design and construction of these SERS substrates in the implementation of sensors for the detection and control of specific substances for applications in a wide range of sectors, under research and development at IPICYT, has resulted in the routine use of this technique by non-specialists (farmers, doctors, inspectors, quality control), by means of reliable and cost-effective nanostructured substrates, at prices competitive with those available in the market, with portable Raman equipment (point of care) and a library of SERS signals optimized for various specific areas such as Health and Biomedical, Agri-Food, Human Safety, Quality Control in various industries, Water Quality Control, etc.