Management Plans for Natural Protected Areas

Management plans constitute the planning and regulation instrument based on documented and field research and consultation with the population about the current situation of a Natural Protected Area and its natural resources. Thus, presenting the background on the activities of use and conservation of the area, as well as the biological faculties of the site.

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Through a management plan we can direct strategies for the conservation and continuity of ecological and geological
conservation and continuity of the ecological and geological processes of each NPA's ecosystems.
ecosystems of each NPA, as well as highlighting and preserving their historical and cultural values, and promoting and guiding sustainable
and cultural values, and to promote and guide the sustainable use of natural resources, allowing their permanence
resources, which will allow their permanence for future generations and the socio-economic
socio-economic development of the area. This can be achieved through:
a). Conserving and restoring the different types of vegetation, which constitute the habitat of various species of fauna
habitat of diverse species of fauna; as well as protecting the existing biodiversity and endemism.
endemic species.
b). To propose strategies to conserve and restore the dynamics of the ecological processes, in order to take
ecological processes, to take advantage of natural resources in a sustainable manner.
c). Recover and protect the historical and archeological values of the area and rescue the cultural traditions of local inhabitants.
cultural traditions of the local inhabitants.
d). Form values, habits and a sense of belonging among the population, so that they become aware of their environment and become
awareness of their environment and be involved in its management and conservation.
and conservation of the environment.
e). To establish the bases for the creation of a conservation and sustainable use model.
sustainable use.

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Natural protected areas have been created in Mexico, but many of them have not created their complementary management plan. A document of this type helps to direct the way in which decision-makers can operate without deteriorating the environment.

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